Mössbauer lab
Mössabuer laboratory has four lines: two of them with sample cooling obtained by means of cryogenerators (10 ÷ 300 K), one with an Helium cryostat equipped with a 5 T superconducting magnet and, lastly, one with an Helium flux cryostat (2 ÷ 300 K). Moreover, there are two gas detectors for 57Co source and one Germanium detector, cooled by liquid Nitrogen for 119Sn and 151Sm sources. The group skills concern the following fields: relaxation phenomena in magnetic and ferroelectric solids, vibrational properties in alloys and high Tc superconductors, analysis of iron oxidation states in ores and ceramics.
Complex Systems Institute Florence section - CNR research area
Via Madonna del Piano, 10 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Italy
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