Stazione sperimentale Italiana di neutroni (INES - UK)

The Italian Neutron Experimental Station, INES, has been realized by the Neutron Scattering Group of CNR-ISC. As stated by the CNR Neutron Spectroscopy Advisory Committee, such an instrument facility plays a key role for the scientific Italian community operating in the field of applied science.

Neutron diffraction is an important tool for material science, Earth science, and crystallography in general. In addition, it can provide useful information helping to solve technological problems related to a quantitative determination of localized stress and strain in materials (for example, testing the good quality of manufacts).

Neutrons, being characterized by a extremely small cross sections, can penetrate very deeply in almost all materials, including metals, where they can even outperform X-rays. This attribute makes neutrons an ideal probe for a non-destructive, non-invasive, characterization of bulk microscopic properties.

Another potentially important application of neutron diffraction, in the field of applied science, resides in the quantitative investigation of cultural heritage artifacts.

Last, but not least, INES may represent a unique possibility for training young researchers, in the field of neutron scattering from a pulsed source, and to test new materials and detectors.

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