Computer center

The ISC has - as a facility for the use of researcher, collaborators and guests - a Computer Center that can satisfy most of the needs of modern research.

The Computer Center is located in Room B-136 and is composed of a machine that acts as server for all the Network services (Web Server both for the Institute Site and the personal pages, DHCP, local Domain Server) and as a File Server for other five machines. These five machines are used mainly for heavy computation and are all dual CPU and can run two programs at the same time without loss of speed.

All the machine in the Computer Center are connected with a Gigabyte network (IEEE P802.3ab 1000Base-T) while the Computer Center is connected to the Area Network with a 100Megabyte link (IEEE P802.3aa 100Base-T). All the machines in the Computer Center run with Linux Operative System and have C and FORTRAN compilers (both GNU and Intel) in addition to the Numerical Analysis software Matlab. Other general use software is available to help the users that need programs for Word Processing, presentation, data visualization and more.

In addition to this a machine with Windows XP Operative System is at the disposal of users that need it. The machine has various software and is connected to an Epson 4490 scanner with software that allows creation of multi-page PDF files and to a memory card reader. For all the users in the Institute two laser printers are also present one for Black and White prints and one for color.

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