Cluster for Parallel Computing

As a facility for Parallel Computing the ISC has a Boewulf Cluster. A Beowulf Cluster is group of independent computers unified by software and network and used as a parallel machine, usually it is composed by generic inexpensive hardware, Open Source software and ethernet connections.

The ISC Cluster uses a private network and only the Master is visible from the ISC Net, this allows faster communications between the nodes.

It is composed by 14 machines in addition to the master, themachinas are of different type - this is normal in Beowulf Clusters - in particular ines are 32bits Dual CPU while the more recent 8 are 64bits Dual CPU Dual Core AMD Opteron that are seen as 4 CPUs. In all the Cluster has 44 CPUs available.

The programs that run on the cluster are written using MPI (Message Passing Interface) libraries, this allows rewriting normal C or FORTRAN programs in an easy way to allow them to run on multiple CPUs on a cluster.

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