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One-Way Sound Walls Proven Possible : Discovery News
A future material could bend sound waves so they would only pass through a wall in one direction.
Observations: Physics tricks could make for one-way soundproofing
One-way mirrors, which many of us know from watching police procedurals on TV, seem a bit magical—how does the mirror know which light to let through and which to reflect? The truth is, it doesn't. The one-way mirror and its smaller cousin, the mirr
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New Materials May Allow One-Way Light | Wired Science |
Normally, a glass window doesn’t care where a ray of light came from. But special kinds of glass or plastic could be a bit pickier. Nonlinear
New theory shows one-way transmission materials should be possible for sound and light waves
( -- Physicist Stefano Lepri of the Italian National Research Council and his partner Giulio Casati of the University of Insubria, have published a paper in Physical Review Letters, where they demonstrate through mathematical theory that it should be possible to create asymmetric materials ...
Science news: ``Scientists see the one-way light"


Manipolare la direzione della luce
Heos, aprile 2011
Con un nanomateriale governano i raggi di luce
di Edoardo Boncinelli, Corriere della Sera, 10/05/2011